Introduction to Gilding. 

Gilding Workshop Deposit 5-6/12/17

  • Rise into the Day - Dawn Photo Walk

    As Nature rises from its beauty sleep so the photographer takes the opportunity to capture the colors of the awakening beauty.
    Getting out of bed early really pays off - be ready to capture at the most magical time of day. Experience the softness of color and light as it paints Glastonbury in a special mood at the dawning of a new day.
    (duration 2 hrs)

    Til' the last Ray of Light - Sunset Photo Walk

    Exploring the area around the Tor to capture this stunning place from different angles. The last hour before sunset gives rise to impressive moods and landscapes bathed in golden light of the setting sun.
    (duration 3 hrs)

    What does it offer?
     great locations for capturing a sunrise/ sunset
     small groups
     exposure control of camera
     depth of field and selective focus
     composition
     camera handling
     creative forum

    Who is it for?

    People of all experience levels with any kind of camera are welcome. A camera with adjustable shutter speed and tripod are recommended.

    Smartphone Workshop - Snapshot Photo Walk

    Learn to take smart pictures: gain full control of your phone's camera and create stunning imagery. There are those moments in life where you wish you had just made the effort and brought your camera with you, but in daily life that might be difficult at times.
    Those moments don't need to be lost. Your phone is your everyday companion and nowadays most smartphones already offer a good quality built in camera.
    Learn how to make best use of your phone capturing those fleeting moments around you.
    Photo Talk & Tea - Discuss your captures. While enjoying a cup of tea get feedback and chat about the images you created in the morning.(duration 2.5 hrs)

    Meeting Point: Front of St. John's Church
    Cancellation due to bad weather may occur until the day before.

    Partaking in any of the offered workshops is at participant’s own risk and disclaimer has to be understood and signed beforehand.